ACPA participated in Plote Construction’s* Spring Meetings last week. The company’s annual spring meetings provide a chance to review best practices for all construction activities.

Eric Ferrebee, ACPA’s Director of Technical Services, and Mike Ayers, Executive Director of the Illinois Chapter of ACPA, presented and reviewed the Best Practices for Concrete Paving. Dr. Ayers presented concrete pavement mixture design, reviewing the steps to achieving a workable and durable mixture. He also reviewed the impacts of subbase and subgrade support for concrete pavement construction and long-term performance.

Eric then presented concrete jointing best practices, reviewing the importance and impacts of proper anchoring of embedded steel, as well as the proper timing and depth of saw cutting and other factors that can impact the sawing window.

They also helped support the concrete track of the spring meetings, which also covered excavation, asphalt construction, and safety.

Photo shows Plote Construction crews placing concrete on I-90 in the Chicago area. (File photo courtesy of Plote Construction.

* An ACPA member.