The Board of Directors met last Thursday for a first quarter review of ACPA’s progress in 2021, as well as the Strategic Advisory Committee’s (SACs) recommendations of 10 new projects.

The Board approved the proposal, committed the staff time, and made preliminary arrangements for the financial resources that will be needed to support the following 10 projects:

  • Continuing and expanding our campaign to increase awareness of the benefits of healthy inter-industry competition,
  • A first cost initiative aimed at creating an array of new educational materials on the benefits of looking at total ownership costs and not just first costs,
  • Case studies and short bulletins that promote effective life-cycle cost comparisons for streets and local roads,
  • Publishing maintenance of traffic case studies and examples to show how concrete streets and roads can be built under traffic,
  • Improving and updating our concrete overlay explorer database and website,
  • A report synthesizing concrete pavement technology and opportunities in the industrial pavement market,
  • A quality control manual or guideline for the contractors working in the airport market,
  • Preparing a redline revision of airport specifications, starting with the military’s 32-13.13‐14 spec,
  • Delivering the Airfield Pavement Workshop again this fall, and
  • Preparing a report identifying technologies that can better characterize aggregate moisture levels for central-mix concrete plants…this research report is intended to be a catalyst fostering equipment innovations to help improve uniformity and workability in the concrete batching process.

The plans marked the completion of the first full annual cycle under our new committee structure.  The proposals came from member and chapter input during the market forums held during the 57th annual meeting early last December.

During the ensuing months, the ACPA functional committees prepared details for the Advisory Committee members to review and prioritize. The 10 projects were approved from 20 ideas that were evaluated.