As we announced last week and in our 3 Minutes on Monday vlog this week, Elke Allen, one of our longest tenured staff members, officially retires at the end of this month.

“During her remarkable 31-year career, Elke has served as the Association’s Comptroller, and more recently, as Vice President of Finance,” said Jerry Voigt. “During her more than three decades of service, she showed exceptional dedication and provided consistently high-quality service and results, always with a friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive attitude to everyone. We are grateful for her commitment and valued service to the association.”

Jerry explained that although we will not be seeing Elke in a full-time role after April 30, she will continue assisting with the transition of her duties through the end of the year.

“We are excited for Elke as she begins a new chapter in her life,” Jerry said, adding, “We extend our best wishes and greatest hopes for happiness as she begins this new chapter of her life.”

He remarked that Elke has prepared for and assisted with the transition. Her close working protégé of the past 6 years, Ann Shlimon, is well prepared, and as a reflection of her hard work and extra effort, as well as the acceptance of her new duties, Ann has been promoted to Comptroller and Benefits Manager.

Another valued member of the ACPA team, Amber Davis, had demonstrated a can-do attitude and has also taken on additional responsibilities, Jerry said, adding she has been advanced to a full-time position as our Administrative and Events Coordinator.