ACPA has released a perspectives statement on the availability of highway materials for the 2021 construction season.  Specifically, the perspectives statement focuses on supply chain availability of two primary concrete paving materials key to meeting project demands: portland cement, and steel for dowel bars, basket assemblies and reinforcing.

While there are presently factors causing tightness in the market for both products, these are considered temporary. These temporary challenges are expected to even out long before increased surface transportation funding is passed into law, appropriated to states, and is available for projects over a multi-year period.

Special thanks go to ACPA contractors, cement members and dowel manufacturer members who generously shared their expertise and first-hand experiences on this issue, providing both details and an outlook for the months ahead.

The document was also written with input from Portland Cement Association, and with information from recent news reports.

The perspectives document will be available on ACPA’s “Perspectives” page.