We are excited for the Mid-Year Meeting at the Saint Kate Milwaukee next week, with over 110 attendees already registered.

ACPA’s plan for increasing member engagement continues to move forward. Last December, at our 57th Annual Meeting, the Market Forums provided a list of program concepts and ideas. The functional committees will be providing updates and insights including a progress report at the Mid-Year Meetings next week. “Membership engagement is one of the key drivers that help guide us towards success”, said Jerry Voigt, ACPA President and CEO. “When we have wider member engagement, our perspectives and our focus become stronger”, Voigt added.

The Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC) reviewed member polling results from the Market Forums and assigned 13 out of 20 priority issues to functional committees. The functional committees then developed proposals defining the programs to be executed, along with value and costs. The SAC then recommended and received Board approval to allocate staff time and funds towards 10 proposals. The programs are being executed and additional programs developed as part of this. We look forward to sharing more with you next week in Milwaukee.