Craig Thompson, Secretary, Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) addressed ACPA attendees Tuesday, June 22, 2021, during our Mid-Year Meeting event in Milwaukee.  Secretary Thompson outlined ongoing and upcoming major projects across the breadth of WisDOT’s program. During his remarks, the secretary stressed the importance and value of involving the concrete pavement industry in the state’s program. “Craig brings a positive outlook to the paving industry and always looks at the best way to serve our constituents”, said Kevin McMullen, President of the Wisconsin Concrete Pavement Association, as he introduced Secretary Thompson.

“We are grateful that Secretary Thompson took the time to meet with us and excited that he outlined Wisconsin’s approach, which includes many of the best practices for a healthy road network we like to see from state agencies,” said Jerry Voigt, ACPA President & CEO. “Wisconsin proactively applies appropriate solutions (“a mix of fixes”), balances the long and short-term needs of their entire network, optimizes their total ownership costs, and proactively ensures its policies drive healthy competition from contractors and material industries.”

Secretary Thompson also reviewed significant projects over the past five years, including the Zoo Interchange, Interstate 41 corridor development, and the major reconstruction of I-94 in the Southeastern region of the state. He outlined a bright future for the concrete pavement industry in Wisconsin, indicating the state’s major project program would be an important continued focus of the agency.