Tuesday, July 13 at 1PM Eastern/Noon Central
Concrete Overlays What’s New and Different


Charles Stuart – SWCPA – Southwest Concrete Pavement Association
Gordon Smith – CP Tech Center
Steve Tritsch  –   CP Tech Center

In conjunction with a FHWA Cooperative Agreement, the CP Tech Center will soon publish the 4th edition of the “Guide to Concrete Overlays” and a companion piece, “Concrete Overlays-The Value Proposition”.   You will learn about what’s new and different in overlay technology and recognize the value of including concrete overlays as an important element of your pavement management “mix of fixes”.

Finally, hear how Caltrans and the concrete paving industry, through interactions of training, guidance and consultation with the CP Tech Center and associates, have embarked upon a program of concrete overlays as an element of the pavement management strategy.

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