ACPA’s Gary Mitchell recently delivered a guest lecture on Airfield Layout Design at the AFIT Pavement Design and Maintenance Course. Mitchell delivered the guest lecture in person at the Air Force civil engineering school, housed at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, in Dayton, Ohio. Participants include Air Force pavement design and construction project managers from around the globe. “This course gives us the opportunity to discuss pavement details from an industry’s perspective on jointing considerations to various construction practices that these professionals encounter during the management of Air Force Projects”, Mitchell says. ACPA has participated in the AFIT course twice yearly for the past several years. Unfortunately, the course was canceled during the 2020 COVID pandemic and ACPA participated virtually in April of this year. The course is now back in full swing and is one of the few courses that AFIT only offers in person. “It was good to be back in person for this course”, Mitchell stated, “The interaction and discussion on pavement design details and construction practices with the participants working on projects from around the world—some as far away as South Korea—really helps us drive home the need to using engineering judgement in many instances in enforcing project specifications.” Participation in this course over the years has helped ACPA foster mutually beneficial relationships with the Air Force, numerous past instructors, and course participants. Captain Joseph Halley is AFIT’s WENG 550-21B current Course Director and Instructor.