The ACPA Research, Technology and Innovation (RT&I) webinar series featured a special edition last Friday with Dr. Peter Taylor of the CP Tech Center. Limited to committee members, the webinar titled “Properties of Concrete Mixtures for Long Term Performance” gave members a chance to brainstorm and discuss cutting-edge issues. One of the interesting events described by Dr. Taylor was the formation of a new pooled fund effort led by the Iowa DOT. The “VKelly Slipform Paving Vibration Test” project will develop an understanding of how mixtures can be proportioned to be relatively insensitive to vibration abuse or to be ideal for the vibration system planned for use on a given site.

Dr. Mark Snyder (ACPA Consultant), Mr. Eric Ferrebe (ACPA), and Mr. Larry Scofield (IGGA/ACPA), all participated in the webinar and brainstorming. The RT&I Functional Committee is chaired by Mr. Matt Fonte of Castle Rock Construction and Co-Chaired by Mr. Jim Mack of Cemex.