The ACPA Florida Chapter recently developed and released the Florida Rigid Pavement Streets & Local Roads Design Guide. This guide was created to assist local municipalities and counties with the design, construction, maintenance, and preservation of concrete pavements. The guide features the tool and provides guidance on performing a proper analysis for low-volume pavements. Additional sections cover jointing considerations for concrete pavements as well as sustainability and resilience concepts, before providing examples from Florida and additional resources.

Amy Wedel, Florida Concrete and Products Association’s Director of Concrete Pavements, developed the guide with input and participation from an industry team including ACPA’s Director of Technical Services, Eric Ferrebee.  Eric noted, “this guide will greatly help the development and promotion of concrete pavements for municipalities. This Design Guide fulfills Florida DOT’s Green Book’s opportunity for industry-developed design methods to be utilized for these types of facilities.”

The guide can be downloaded for free here: