Last week, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation hosted a meeting with concrete and asphalt industry stakeholders to discuss long-life pavements and associated maintenance cycles and strategies. John Becker, President of ACPA/PA, led the concrete pavement industry’s presentation on design strategies for a 60-year, long-life concrete pavement. Mr. Becker’s presentation included highlights of performance engineered mixture efforts to address durability issues and it utilized Pavement ME’s performance analysis to highlight the proposed design with a minimalistic maintenance and rehabilitation schedule that only utilizes concrete CPR techniques.

The ACPA Pennsylvania Chapter team also included David Sciullo (Golden Triangle Construction, Chair of ACPA/PA and member of ACPA’s Board of Directors), Rich Jucha (ACPA/PA), Peter Taylor (CP Tech Center), and Eric Ferrebee (ACPA). Ferrebee, ACPA’s Director of Technical Services, assisted John Becker with the development of the Pavement ME designs and the associated maintenance and rehabilitation schedule and participated in the meeting with PennDOT to discuss the merits of the proposed design. The team will be following up with PennDOT to provide further evidence to support the proposed design and maintenance and rehabilitation schedule.