Last week, ACPA’s Director of Technical Services, Eric Ferrebee, delivered a webinar on The webinar was attended by nearly 60 city, county, and consultant engineers and was hosted by the CP Tech Center, in conjunction with CPAM and ARM of Minnesota. Eric went through the uses of PavementDesigner as a tool for designing concrete and cement-based pavements for streets and local roads, as well as other facilities. He also gave short demonstrations of how to design with the tool.

ACPA has been actively promoting the use of the PavementDesigner tool since it was released in early 2018. The tool has been used in all 50 states, as well as around the world. ACPA has continued to work with industry partners PCA and the RMC Foundation with additional funding from the RCC Pavement Council to update and improve PavementDesigner with updates planned for 2021 and beyond.