Machine vs. Concrete – Building Long-Lasting Concrete Pavements

Tuesday, October 12  |  1PM ET / 12PM CT

For next week’s Technology Tuesday, ACPA and CP Tech Center are collaborating to increase focus on new materials and construction technologies that will enhance pavement quality and ensure the long-term performance of concrete pavements being built today. The webinar will be presented by Dr. Peter Taylor, CP Tech Center Director, and Larry Scofield of ACPA. Taylor will review the properties of concrete paving mixtures that are critical to long-term performance, and how those properties can be controlled. The discussion will explore how these properties are affected by construction activities, and when/how they can be measured.  The session will foster discussion on what feedback-loop data is needed for paver operators to consistently deliver smooth, long-lasting pavements and to help move toward automation of some systems. Scofield will follow with news about the activity and objectives of a new ACPA RT&I Functional Committee and how, working together with agency, academia and industry, we can explore new approaches to achieve the best in concrete pavements.

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