SOUTH DAKOTA – ACPA President and CEO Laura O’Neill Kaumo got the chance to visit the South Dakota Chapter and get on the grade at a paving project outside of Sioux Falls. The eastbound lanes of I-90 between Salem and Humboldt are getting a complete reconstruction with the removal of the existing surface (which was processed into the new subgrade), regrading, several complete bridge reconstructions, and of course, concrete paving. The trip wrapped up with a great dinner with several members of the SD ACPA Board of Directors. Special thanks to Jason Reaves and the SD ACPA Chapter!

COLORADO – ACPA’s Director of Technical Services, Eric Ferrebee, was out on the grade with Angela Folkestad and Sarah Sanders of the Colorado/Wyoming Chapter. The trio met with Colorado DOT to discuss an updated specification before heading out to the field for some member site visits. The team visited a number of in-progress projects, including a mainline section and significant rehabilitation job, and observed a recycling operation for utilizing recycled concrete aggregate. Angela and Sarah concluded Eric’s trip by showing and discussing some recently completed projects and some long-lasting pavements that have stood the test of time.

PENNSLYVANIA – ACPA’s Executive Vice President, Leif Wathne, was both on the grade and at the table with John Becker of the Pennsylvania Chapter on a multi-site tour of concrete roundabouts in southwest PA for state legislatures. The group also visited a reconstruction project on I-70 and viewed the incredible machines that build the roads. You can read more about the tour later in the newsletter!