Last week, Leif Wathne participated in the AASHTO Annual meeting on behalf of ACPA, including the Council on Highways and Streets meeting and the Transportation Policy Forum.

The Council on Highways and Streets, chaired by Georgia DOT Commissioner Russell McMurry, meets semi-annually to discuss current and emerging policy and engineering issues related to the nation’s highway and streets network. At this year’s Annual Meeting, topics included updates on the latest congressional and Federal activities by AASHTO Executive Director Jim Tymon, an FHWA update from Associate Administrator for Infrastructure Hari Kalla, and a council member roundtable discussion on a variety of highway and street topics.

FHWA hot-topics highlighted by Mr. Kalla included the Sustainable Pavements Program and the Mobile Pavement Technology Centers. FHWA emphasized their progress on the sustainable pavements road map and the outstanding technical guidance accompanying the program. The Mobile Pavement Technology Program has also been very actively engaged in technology transfer activities during the pandemic, including webinars, technician training events, and on-site technical assistance upon request. FHWA’s equipment loan program is still active, available for states, academics, and industry to use. Click here for more information about the program

The Roundtable session included a discussion about difficulties with hiring across the departments, especially in maintenance and operations and CDL operators. A few states shared their blossoming experience with full-depth reclamation, including Texas, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania.