Last week, the CP Tech Center held its annual Overlay Summit at ACPA National’s office in Rosemont, Illinois. This regular gathering provides a forum for the CP Tech Center, ACPA Chapters, and ACPA National staff to discuss the technical and promotional opportunities and challenges associated with concrete overlays.

Gordon Smith of the CP Tech Center led the summit with help from Jerod Gross of Snyder and Associates. This year’s meeting featured a variety of discussion topics, including flood resilient overlays, design practices, interlayers, jointing practices, smoothness characteristics, and others. Eric Ferrebee, ACPA’s Director of Technical Services, led the discussion on design practices and gave ACPA project updates on PavementDesigner, the ACPA overlay explorer, as well as the development of case histories and project profiles.

The summit concluded with the 20+ attendees having a roundtable discussion on the needs for the future, including research, promotion, field trials, publications, tech transfer, etc. This dialogue held throughout the summit helped set the direction for ACPA and the CP Tech Center on concrete overlays with the ultimate goal of seeing more utilization of this important technology.