ACPA and the National Concrete Pavement Technology Center (CP Tech Center) have announced that Leif Wathne, P.E., ACPA’s Executive Vice President, will be transitioning to a new role. Effective June 13, Leif will assume the role of Associate Director with the CP Tech Center. He will be responsible for nurturing the Center’s engagement with the concrete pavement construction industry, helping manage activities under the current federal cooperative agreements, as well as assist in the development and communication of best practice guidance products. Both ACPA and the CP Tech Center believe the transition only strengthens the long-term partnership and 16-year collaborative effort between the two organizations.

During Leif’s tenure, he is credited with advancing concrete pavement innovations and technology through the development of best practice guidance, specifications and technical publications, as well as nurturing strategic partnerships. Leif also has served as a technical resource and industry spokesperson for transportation agencies on concrete pavement matters.

Leif will continue serving ACPA through the Mid-Year Meeting, to be held June 7-9 in Newport, Rhode Island. ACPA is conducting a national search for the vacant position. Those interested in learning more about the position of Senior Vice President of Engineering and Government Affairs should contact Laura O’Neill Kaumo at