ACPA is pleased to announce the Best Practices in Airfield Pavement Design and Construction Workshop to be held in Indianapolis. Organized by ACPA Chief of Engineering and Construction Gary Mitchell, P.E., the workshop will be held August 2 through 4, at the Indianapolis International Airport’s new Planning and Development office. The program will feature technical presentations by subject matter experts with practical experience in the topic areas. Leading the discussions will be experts from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s Transportation System Center (TSC), the FAA Headquarters Office of Airport Safety and Standards, FAA Great Lakes Region, the Air Force Civil Engineering Center (AFCEC), ACPA, and companies with direct involvement in the design and construction of FAA and Tri-Services projects. Day one will focus on Pavement Design Guidance and Preconstruction Activities, day two will focus on Construction Techniques and Quality Control, and day three will focus on Construction Planning, Specifications, and Sustainability. Day three will also include a site tour of the reconstruction of Runway 5R-23L featuring carbon capture technology. ACPA is excited to bring together these experts in the rapidly growing airfield market and help members build long-lasting, sustainable pavements for airports. Look out for registration details in upcoming editions of ACPA Today.