ACPA recently partnered with the CP Tech Center to deliver a workshop on Concrete Overlays in Rochester, New York. Bill Cuerdon and Heather Steffek of the ACPA New York State Chapter organized and planned the workshop at the request of the New York State DOT. Eric Ferrebee, P.E., and Peter Taylor, Ph.D., P.E., delivered presentations on the use and benefits of concrete overlays, evaluation of existing pavements, paving materials, and PEM, as well as overlay design and overlay construction. Cuerdon concluded the workshop with various examples of concrete overlays in New York and around the country. This workshop helped lay the groundwork for NYS DOT engineers to be confident in selecting and specifying concrete overlays and addressed misconceptions held by a few of the 30+ workshop attendees. Concrete overlays are a great way to extend the life of roads, and you can learn more about their application here.