FHWA Listening Session on Pavement Sustainability

Senior Director of Technical Services Eric Ferrebee and Membership Director Anna McMullen participated in an FHWA listening session on sustainability. The discussion focused on the implementation and usage of EPDs. Ferrebee spoke about the importance of full life-cycle assessment and how to increase sustainability in the industry beyond EPDs. He also reiterated concrete pavement’s ability to meet extended design life. These important conversations will continue, and ACPA is in the process of scheduling a meeting in October for ACPA Chapter/State Executives with the Pavement Materials team at DOT Headquarters in Washington, DC.


Crisscrossing Florida with Pavement Preservation Techniques

In conjunction with the Florida Concrete & Products Association (FCPA), an ACPA Chapter, ACPA’s Senior Director of Technical Services Eric Ferrebee and Engineering Consultant Mark Snyder recently led three full-day workshops on concrete pavement preservation for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). The workshops, held in Tallahassee, Orlando, and Davie (outside of Ft. Lauderdale), were attended by approximately 90 pavement professionals, including FDOT personnel. Thank you to Amy Wedel and Roger Schmitt of FCPA for facilitating these valuable workshops.


Local and National Aviation Meetings in Pennsylvania

ACPA’s Chief Engineer Gary Mitchell and ACPA Pennsylvania Chapter’s President John Becker recently met with staff from the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Harrisburg Airport District Office and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s (PennDOT) Bureau of Aviation, along with staff on the call from FAA Headquarters and the Eastern Region. Topics discussed included new aviation standards and policies as well as how concrete overlays and pavements contribute to sustainability and resiliency efforts. With significant federal funds becoming available to the aviation community, there are opportunities to expand concrete pavement in the general aviation market.


Texture Testing at IDOT Facility in Trenton, IL

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) will hold its open house for its certification track in September. Prior to opening the mixed pavement certification facility, IDOT is conducting texture testing on several of the 11 textures at the facility. ACPA member Ames Engineering has provided high-speed texture measurement equipment so that a comparison between a stationary texture measurement device and a high-speed texture measurement device can be made on the concrete surface. John Klatt and Mark Leichty of Ames Engineering participated alongside Matt Fonte of Fonte & Co. and Larry Scofield of ACPA/IGGA; John Senger of IDOT arranged and oversaw the activities. IDOT hopes to use this site to facilitate reciprocity between states for certification of contractors and other state agencies on profilers and E274 friction trailers.


2022 Arkansas Concrete Pavement Conference

The Oklahoma/Arkansas Chapter of ACPA held their 2022 Arkansas Concrete Pavement Conference featuring Arkansas Department of Transportation (ArDOT) Chief Engineer Rex Vines, as well as senior FHWA officials, academic experts, and industry leaders. ACPA was represented by Senior Director of Technical Services Eric Ferrebee and Senior Vice President of Engineering Tim Martin. Ferrebee gave two presentations, the first on PavementDesigner.org and the second on the Design and Construction of Concrete Roundabouts. Martin shared an update on ACPA National activities. Boasting an attendance of approximately 150 ArDOT personnel and consulting engineers, the conference served as a hub of cross-industry communication on concrete pavements. Thank you to Alan Meadors and Brent Burwell for organizing this conference.