Last week at World of Concrete, ACPA officially launched a sustainability white paper titled “Concrete Pavement’s Role in a Sustainable, Resilient Future.” Eric Ferrebee presented the white paper to about 20 members of the press and took questions on the resource and its goals.

The white paper synthesizes research on concrete pavement’s contributions to economic, environmental, and social sustainability. As part of our role in educating decision-makers who are involved in the placement and rehabilitation of roadway, highway, and airfield pavements, ACPA has assembled this resource to assist those decision-makers as they are challenged to meet ever-increasing levels of sustainability.

“Concrete Pavement’s Role in a Sustainable, Resilient Future’” provides an overview of sustainability and sustainability’s relationship to resilience. Because a system cannot be sustainable if it is not also resilient, pavements should be designed with a life cycle approach that contemplates pavement’s entire life span. Designing with life cycle in mind can help ensure pavements enhance all three categories of sustainability: economic, environmental, and social. Concrete is a material well-positioned to address the planet’s climate change considerations.

Additional marketing materials to help ACPA members discuss this important topic will be unveiled during the next few months. Learn more and access the document here.