Industry Meets with Caltrans

ACPA recently supported the Southwest Concrete Pavement Association (SWCPA) in a discussion on carbon reduction strategies with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). Collectively, the group discussed the opportunities and challenges in reducing carbon emissions, while building quality infrastructure. Eric Ferrebee, P.E., ACPA’s Senior Director of Technical Services, and Larry Scofield, P.E., ACPA & IGGA’s Director of Pavement Innovation, led discussions on carbon reduction strategies throughout the concrete pavement life cycle and the role of smoothness and pavement preservation in reducing carbon emissions, respectively. Charles Stuart, SWCPA Executive Director, coordinated the workshop and led the discussion and Tom Tietz, Executive Director of the California Nevada Cement Association, discussed the California cement industry’s plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045.


Missouri Concrete Conference

The Missouri University of Science and Technology held the Missouri Concrete Conference on April 25 and 26th in Rolla, MO. The agenda was packed with sessions on sustainability, pavement restoration, and industry outlooks. Eric Ferrebee, P.E., presented on Concrete Pavement Sustainability and shared ACPA’s sustainability white paper. Feras El-Ghussein, P.E., Executive Director of the ACPA Missouri/Kansas Chapter, provided an ACPA update. Jesse Jonas, P.E., Director of Engineering for the ACPA Missouri/Kansas Chapter, presented on the Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Concrete Pavements and Overlays. View the full agenda here.


General Aviation Airport Workshop

This week, industry experts and stakeholders are attending the General Aviation Airport Workshop in Mankato, MN. The workshop is hosted by the Airport Concrete Pavement Technology Program (ACPTP), a cooperative agreement between the CP Tech Center and the Federal Aviation Administration. Gary Mitchell, P.E., ACPA’s Chief of Engineering and Construction, presented on multiple topics, including Concrete Overlays, Life Cycle Cost Analysis, and Quality Control/Quality Assurance. The complete agenda can be viewed here.