Eric Ferrebee, P.E., ACPA’s Senior Director of Technical Services, recently participated in a tour and discussion of MnROAD’s Low-Carbon Concrete Pavement Demonstration sections. Also in attendance were Matt Zeller and Dan Labo (Concrete Paving Association of Minnesota), Leif Wathne (CP Tech Center), Tom Van Dam (NCE), Brian Killingsworth (NRMCA), and Larry Sutter (Sutter Engineering). Dr. Sutter gave an overview of the test sections and some preliminary “lessons-learned” and other MnDOT engineers covered some of the background of the MnROAD test facility. They were joined by attendees of the “Getting to Zero Forum” which focused on reducing carbon emissions across all sectors. This tour was a chance to showcase what strategies are being implemented for concrete pavement materials and featured the 16 innovative, low-carbon test sections placed in 2022.


Cook County Transportation Meeting

Last week, ACPA President and CEO Laura O’Neill Kaumo was joined by several ACPA Board members in a meeting with Cook County Department of Transportation Highways (DOTH) in Chicago, Illinois. Board Chairman Steve Friess (Milestone Contractors) and board member Rick Sniegowski (K-Five Construction) were the contractor leaders of the ACPA group. The discussion also included board members Dan Rozycki (Transtec), Jake Steinberg (American Highway), and John Roberts (IGGA), with additional support from ACPA government affairs consultant Jason Tai (Tai Ginsburg & Associates) and Eric Ferrebee. Cook County DOTH Superintendent Jennifer Killen and other engineers discussed their $1.3 billion 5-year Transportation Improvement Program. This program offers significant opportunities for the concrete pavement industry with reconstruction, rehabilitation, and preservation as concrete makes up over 45% of the 550+ mile network. The ACPA contingent discussed how design, construction, preservation, and rehabilitation techniques have changed and improved over the past 30 years and gave examples of past success stories around Chicago and how things could be even better moving forward.


Arizona DOT Concrete Smoothness Specification Meeting

Larry Scofield, P.E., ACPA & IGGA’s Director of Pavement Innovation, recently participated in the Arizona Department of Transportation’s (ADOT) Concrete Smoothness Specification Development meeting. Historically, ADOT has accepted concrete pavement smoothness using a profilograph, but the state is now converting from profilograph index (PI) to the international roughness index (IRI). A committee consisting of ADOT construction and pavement management personnel as well as industry representatives was formed to develop the new specifications.