Based on feedback and much inquiry at the Annual Meeting, ACPA Chairman Ernie Peterson launched a Task Group related to the growth and impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Task Group, which has already met twice, seeks to determine both threats to our industry in the form of design competition and marketing information, but also identify areas that AI can be used in a beneficial manner. The Task Group will continue to educate itself and explore options related to the best way ACPA and our industry can utilize AI.

If AI is an area of expertise for you and/or your firm, please reach out to Kimberly Kayler of AOE, our marketing consultant. Thank you to the following Task Group members for their participation:

  • Ernie Peterson – Ash Grove Cement
  • Laura O’Neill Kaumo – ACPA National
  • Kimberly Kayler – AOE
  • Gary Mitchell – ACPA National
  • Eric Ferrebee – ACPA National
  • Andy Gieraltowski – ACPA National
  • Peter Taylor – CP Tech Center
  • John Leckie – ACPA/IN Chapter
  • Don Weaver – Weaver Bailey
  • Dan Rozycki – Transtec
  • Feras El-Ghussein – ACPA/MOKS Chapter
  • Brett Ruffing – Kentucky Concrete Association
  • Heather Steffek – ACPA/NY State Chapter
  • Nick Davis – IGGA