Here’s a snapshot of some of our recent media results. Two of the leading stories so far this year are centered around media work we did during World of Concrete (WOC), as well as our efforts around the “VISION2040” project. 

The media and social media work leading up to WOC, during the show, and since then included an overview of major initiatives planned for this year, as well as our annual market recap for concrete pavements, and the appointment of our 2019 Chairman Jim Mack. 

As we’ve reported previously, VISION2040 first began with a blue-ribbon panel meeting in late 2017 and continued with fact-finding and data collection last year. In November, we published and distributed a draft report, “VISION2040: The Future of Concrete Pavement Imagined,” which summarized the visioning session and the resultant long-term outlook.  Then in late January, we published a final report, and since then more than 1,900 copies have been distributed at ACPA’s annual meeting, World of Concrete, and Chapter workshops and meetings across the country. 

Here are links to just a few of our media placements:

Although these are just a sample of our media placements that have appeared on line, we’ve also seen other placements in printed media. Our social media activity also increased significantly, particularly as we increased our reach for VISION2040 by producing it in flipbook and PDF formats.

On the digital/social media front, ACPA has increased its presence on popular social media platforms, including YouTube/Google Video, where we have added our own videos, as well as links to popular videos by the FHWA, AASHTO, Dr. Tyler Ley (Oklahoma State University), and several member companies.  When viewing our video channel, be sure to click on “Play Lists” to see videos organized by topic, including paving, public policy & funding, safety, and more!   For questions, more information or to recommend a video and/or channel, please contact Bill Davenport (847.423.8703 |