ACPA Mid-Atlantic Chapter, in consultation with ACPA national staff, recently engaged with the Virginia DOT (VDOT) on promoting equity in the pavement type selection processs. In the five-page letter linked here, ACPA highlighted that concrete is routinely competitive for a variety of project types in markets with healthy inter-industry competition. In Virginia, the main barrier to concrete as a viable paving option is an inequity in the pavement design and selection process. Design and constructability requirements written with a particular surface in mind artificially inflate the cost of concrete pavement alternatives, causing concrete paving costs to be uncompetitive. Our recommendation is that VDOT remedy these inequities by following FHWA’s best practice guidance.

This letter was sent as part of an ongoing dialogue between VDOT, the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB), and ACPA. Recognizing the challenges that concrete paving faces in Virginia, ACPA was asked to outline a path forward for reintroducing concrete into VDOT’s pavement program. We detailed several effective ways for VDOT to spur inter-industry competition, which would reopen the process to legitimate competition from the concrete pavement industry. These methods include announcing the letting of a program of concrete pavement projects, balancing quantities of different paving materials, and implementing a sustained program of alternate bidding (ADAB) where appropriate. We also underscored that ACPA remains committed to being a sound technical resource and partner to VDOT. Furthermore, ACPA expressed interest in identifying good candidate projects for concrete paving and requested a list of upcoming projects going through VDOT’s Pavement Type Selection Process. This vigilant and persistent effort keeps moving our industry forward; keep it up, ACPA Mid-Atlantic!