ACPA met with the Tri-Service at the annual meeting with industry early this month at the TRB annual meeting in Washington, D.C. This meeting was the annual meeting hosted by the USACE Transportation System Center, and included designers, specifiers, material suppliers, contractors, and others interested in military concrete paving. The purpose of this meeting was a general discussion about the Unified Facilities Criteria Airfield Concrete Specifications. 

During the meeting, ACPA members discussed various outstanding issues. The meeting also was an opportunity to share presentations on new information and products to the group of about 35 officials. 

As a follow-up to the meeting, ACPA had a second, half-day meeting to discuss how ACPA and Tri-Service could work together better. ACPA’s Jerry Voigt and Gary Mitchell represented ACPA, while the FAA’s Greg Cline was also on hand to share examples of how that agency and ACPA have worked together. The purpose of this meeting was to present the “redline” mark up ACPA has produced, a process similar to the mark-up of the draft FAA P-501 spec.

The topics of discussion centered around accredited training program, smoothness specifications, aggregate gradation specification, contractor central batch plant checklist, and contractor quality control manager requirements. The results of this meeting with regard to each of these main topic are an accredited training program, an aggregate gradation specification, contractor central batch plant certification, contractor quality control manager requirements, and smoothness.   (Click here to see details.)

These meetings and their outcomes underscore the high value of the relationship ACPA and the Military Tri-Services have formed, as well as the progress that has resulted from working together over the years.