Michael E. Ayers, Ph.D., has been named the Executive Director of the Illinois Chapter-ACPA, effective June 3. A veteran concrete pavement engineer, Ayers brings to the Chapter vast and in-depth experience in concrete pavement and cement-based paving solutions.

That experience includes serving as the Principal of Global Pavement Solutions, Inc., where he has focused on concrete pavement design, construction, rehab and forensic analysis of concrete and cementitious pavement and paving solutions.

He previously served ACPA National in Fvarious roles, providing technical service and support with highway pavement technology, as well as education & training. Prior to that, Mike served in senior technical management roles with ARA (then, ERES Consultants), Oklahoma State University where he as an Associate Professor of Civil Engineering; the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and an infrastructure engineering firm.

“We are excited to have an engineer of Mike’s caliber take on the challenge of leading the Illinois Chapter,” says Jerry Voigt, ACPA President & CEO. Jerry notes the timing of Mike’s appointment coincidentally occurred the same day Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signed into law a 19-cent gas tax increase, which is designated exclusively for highway and other infrastructure development and repair.*

“We expect great things with Mike at the helm and with ACPA lending administrative support as he executes a bold and decisive strategy. This will begin with a large-scale effort to engage with the Illinois DOT, the Illinois State Toll Highway authority and other agencies throughout Illinois. This is an important and large first step in the goal to increase the use of concrete and cementitious materials in the state’s highways, roads, airports and other facilities.”

Ayers also expressed his enthusiasm about his new role and the opportunities to revitalize and expand the use of concrete pavements and cement-intensive construction, repair, and rehabilitation technologies throughout the state.

“Among my top goals are to ensure we are taking a ‘boots on the ground’ approach with informing and educating the Illinois DOT, toll highway authority, airport owners’ representatives and consultants,” Mike says, adding, “Our focus is solely on concrete pavements and cement-based solutions, and as we carry those messages into the marketplace, we also will be working to enhance and expand membership.”

Ayers holds a PhD in Civil Engineering (Transportation/Materials); an MS in Civil Engineering (Materials Specialization); and a in BS Civil Engineering (Construction Management), all from the University of Illinois in Champaign, Ill. A resident of Fithian, Ill., Ayers is the father of two sons, Craig and Cody. Mike’s contact information is: Illinois Chapter-ACPA, Inc., P.O. Box 11, Fithian, IL 61844. (217.621.3488 | mayers@acpa.org)

* The new law, which goes into effect July 1, 2019, also includes a provision that would allow cities and townships in Cook County the option of increasing local gas taxes up to 3 cents for the same purpose.