The ACPA Emerging Leaders Group (ELG), including two new members, met last month at The Center/Heritage Group in Indianapolis.

ACPA Chairman Jim Mack and Ben Robuck (both of CEMEX) were on hand to support the group. Steve Friess, ACPA Treasurer and contractor member with Milestone Contractors LP, provided an ACPA board update and explained the board’s hopes for the ELG. The meeting was once again facilitated by Regina Feltman of Updraft Consulting.

A key focus of the meeting was to advance the agendas of the working groups, which were started last year to focus on Technology, Specifications, Workforce Development, and Marketing.  The working groups at this meeting focused on SMART goals, which are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based.  As they created SMART goals, the group also completed a stakeholder mapping activity to identify who holds power and who influences that power in organizations. The stakeholder mapping process was also used to help inform the steps of each group’s goals.

The group also participated in a storytelling exercise in which Regina explained how to frame a compelling story.  This included ideas on how to use storytelling to enhance presentations and informal discussions of ideas. Another session focused on identifying and using different tactics for influencing people’s actions. The ELG also discussed other ideas, including ways to make the ACPA awards banquet more engaging and interesting.

Following the first day’s meeting, the group visited Speedway Indoor Karting for indoor kart races, followed by a group dinner at Big Woods. During dinner the group participated in an ‘fun facts’ excercise where ELG members heard two fun facts and had to guess which group member the facts were about.

The ELG is planning its next meeting during the ACPA Mid-Year Meeting in June.  The working groups will continue to work on projects and will propose ideas to the ACPA Board.