The recent Annual Meeting of the American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA) provided a wealth of insights into the preferences and priorities of our members, shedding light on areas for celebration and opportunities for growth. The survey addressed demographics, comments on the annual meeting, the net promoter score and communication. The majority of responders were contractors, with 85 percent of the total responders identifying as members.

Attendance at the Annual Meeting was driven by several key factors including recognition through awards, opportunities for technical education and engineering insights, and valuable networking prospects. Events such as the Airport Forum; Chairman’s Reception; as well as discussions on risk, litigation, and concrete paving history were highly rated. Responders who were unable to attend the Annual Meeting indicated that earlier dates would have made a difference in their ability to attend. (Editor’s Note: the event will be earlier in 2024!).

The State Department of Transportation (DOT) panel had high satisfaction ratings. Looking ahead, participants suggested diverse topics for inclusion in future meetings, ranging from concrete batching and construction management to discussions on sustainability, new technologies and contractor issues.

One huge area of growth was the Net Promoter score, which improved from 10 a few years ago to a 38 this year!  When it comes to how responders consume information from ACPA, in-person events were ranked as number one, followed by bi-weekly newsletters, workshops with chapters, email blasts and the website. According to responders, ACPA can grow its reach by being more active on social media, being more present at local events, hosting more webinars and sending more emails.

The ACPA Annual Meeting serves as a vital platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and industry recognition. The feedback was largely positive, while offering ideas on ways to improve ACPA’s communication and its Annual Meeting even more. By addressing feedback on event logistics, content variety, and communication strategies, ACPA will further enhance our engagement with our valuable members.