And just like that, ACPA closes the books on another World of Concrete conference in Las Vegas, NV. Thank you to all our members who “Pushed the Code” and registered under ACPA’s flag. Because of you, ACPA was number five on the leader board of associations who showed strong attendance. As we’ve repeatedly noted, when you support ACPA by registering with our code or attending our classes, every dime spent goes right back into promotion, education and advocacy. Although we are number one in our minds, let’s shoot to be number one on the leader board next year!

A couple noteworthy items from World of Concrete this year to report back for those who weren’t in attendance. To begin, ACPA held a successful press conference highlighting our intent to supplement ACPA’s White Paper on Sustainability “Concrete Pavement’s Role in a Sustainable, Resilient Future”by advancing a thought piece on the role of healthy competition between materials and its role in being able to achieve sustainability goals. In many regions, there is significant opportunity to leverage competition to decrease the focus on a single paving option and improve the flexibility in asset management along with the sustainability and resilience of our paving infrastructure For more on ACPA’s position, read the recent article.

Reference: MIT 2020,

The second thing to note is that as I walked the show floor with ACPA’s Chairman Ernie Peterson of Ashgrove, saying hello to our valued members, many folks didn’t have the chance to say much more than hello in return, because they were busy selling and talking concrete opportunities! In addition to our observation that the IIJA funding is starting to translate to projects, inflation is coming down, and our prediction that the concrete paving industry will grow by approximately 5% in each of the next two years, the ACPA team witnessed our members hard at work at WOC. That’s exactly what we wanted to see – a busy show floor!

Adding to the potential for increased paving opportunities is the anticipated grant announcements connected to FHWA’s forthcoming Low-Carbon Transportation Materials (LCTM) program. This funding could bring about truly transformative changes to our nation’s infrastructure. If qualifying entities truly take advantage of these grants, we could see programs supporting pavement that lasts generations to come. ACPA will be talking more about that as the announcements come further into focus. Further, ACPA will continue to educate our contractor members on Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) as requirements continue to advance. ACPA is creating tools for contractors to be able to create and implement EPDs and looking to be able to offset costs for ACPA members.

Save the dates to be able to learn more about all the ACPA and its chapter/states are working on:

Iowa Concrete Paving Association, February 7-9th
New York Chapter, February 13-14th
Wisconsin Concrete Pavement Association, February 14-16th
Kentucky Concrete Association, February 18-21st
Pennsylvania Chapter, February 21-22nd
Missouri / Kansas Chapter, February 21-23rd
Indiana Chapter, February 22nd
Colorado / Wyoming Chapter, February 29th
Oklahoma / Arkansas Chapter, March 12-13th
Concrete Paving Association of Minnesota, March 14-15th
ACPA Mid-Year Meeting – Kansas City, MO – June 4-6th
ACPA’s 61st Annual Meeting – Phoenix, AZ – December 3-5th

Have a great workshop season!