It is the role of ACPA, in part, to communicate with federal agencies and other policy makers to ensure that federal objectives are implementable by the industry and state agencies. Our Association, and its valued Chapter/State partners, are in continuous dialogue to help mitigate and manage expectations, influence specifications, provide technical support and ultimately promote what is safe, feasible, sustainable, resilient and long-lasting. We take engineering excellence and quality craftsmanship seriously and with the creation of the Reduced Carbon Concrete Consortium (RC3), ACPA and its partners are going one step further to provide hands-on assistance for the agencies we engage with.

On March 12, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) announced the availability of $1.2B in Low-Carbon Transportation Material (LCTM) grants for state DOTs and other qualifying entities. In anticipation of this announcement, RC3 responded accordingly with strong communications, outreach and technical support to assist state DOTs. In short, RC3 has provided guidance to state DOTs on application assistance and now even has provided agencies templates to help them through the grant process. We have regularly met with agencies and answered multiple questions for months and hopefully the result will in fact meet the intended sustainability outcomes with concrete playing a strong role. To receive more information on the LCTM grants, please go to the RC3 website – deadline for applications is June 10.

Related to this, ACPA is further acting as a conduit of education and information by assisting contractors with the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) process. ACPA has been working with a sustainability contractor to help provide EPD information to contractors at a discounted rate. More information is also on the RC3 website, but perhaps more effectively, you can hear more information in person about EPDs and their creation and implementation at multiple sessions during ACPA’s Mid-Year Meeting June 4 – 6 in Kansas City, MO. The hotel room block is available until May 11, but space is filling quickly. Don’t hesitate to register today and interact with representatives from state and federal agencies including FHWA and FAA.

We are also excited to have an extraordinarily interesting keynote speaker this year, Coach Chris Klieman, the head football coach at Kansas State. As a head coach, he has led the Wildcats to a 39-24 record and is tied for the second most wins in school history. Under Klieman’s leadership, K-State has won eight or more games in four of the five seasons. Coach Klieman knows how to motivate teams, achieve optimal performance and he knows how to win. What lesson can the concrete pavement industry learn from this professional at the top of his career? Come to KC and hear from the man himself.

As if that wasn’t smooth enough, ACPA at the Mid-Year Meeting will have multiple sessions on how to optimize smoothness in concrete paving and explore the connection of smoothness to overarching goals such as sustainability and achieving long-life pavements. We will also hear from cities and counties across the country on the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) funds and sustainability priorities, as well as from the cement industry on federal regulations and the impact on supply.

Register today and help us keep it smoooooth in KC!