This year’s 60th Annual Meeting, to be held from December 12-14 in Marco Island, FL, will feature new and timely Concrete Paving University sessions that are aimed to target the most pressing issues our members faced. This year’s topics are:

  • Improving Concrete Pavement Mix Design and Incorporating Sustainability: FHWA and other agencies are looking to reduce the environmental impact associated with building and maintaining pavements. The concrete pavement industry has much to offer in the way of sustainable and resilient solutions.
  • Risk and Litigation: Risk & Litigation will cover the impacts of utilities, determining costs for time-related damages and filing requests for equitable adjustment.
  • Contractors Guide to Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs): This session will focus on how contractors can produce their own EPDs for their mixes on a project and how doing so will be critically important for eligibility for funding from the Inflation Reduction Act.
  • Ensuring Smoothness Can be Achieved: During this session industry experts will discuss how the digital terrain models can be evaluated at the design stage to identify what is and isn’t achievable so that the alignments can be corrected, or the smoothness specs corrected, to allow for the exceptions.
  • Rethinking the Basics of Finishing: Finishing concrete pavements can play a big role in early and long-term performance. This session will review some of the cutting-edge information on ensuring quality is delivered through the finishing process.
  • Historical Concrete Paving and Lessons Learned: Over the course of ACPA’s 60 annual meetings there have been countless projects highlighted and plenty of issues discussed and solved. As we continue to push into the future, it’s important to look back to the past and learn to continue to improve. This session will highlight projects from the past that deliver on concrete pavement’s promise of durability and longevity.

Learn more about the agenda and register here.