Pennsylvania Concrete Paving Association Holds 26th Annual Conference

ACPA’s President & CEO Laura O’Neill Kaumo and Chief Engineer Gary Mitchell were in Pennsylvania last week for the 26th annual ACPA/PA Concrete workshop. Mitchell led a session on best practices for airport paving, while O’Neill Kaumo presented an updated on ACPA’s sustainability whitepaper, market trends and more. Other sessions included national concrete pavement trends, aggregate matters, concrete pavement quality initiatives, as well as innovations in testing.

Read the full agenda here.

MO/KS ACPA Chapter Hosts 44th Annual Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Conference and Back to the Basics Seminar

ACPA’s Director of Technical Services Eric Ferrebee and Chief Engineer Gary Mitchell, plus Wisconsin ACPA’s Vice President Kevin McMullen and IGGA’s Director of Technical Services Nick Davis, traveled to Missouri last week for the Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Conference. Ferrebee presented on pavement design and jointing during the event’s Back to the Basics Seminar and, during the general session, spoke on the benefits of competition and a balanced paving program. McMullen presented on the value of ACPA. In addition, Mitchell participated in a panel discussion on airport quality assurance/quality control and Davis presented in both the B2B seminar and the workshop on concrete pavement preservation and IGGA’s carbon calculator.

Wisconsin CPA Annual Concrete Pavement Conference Wraps Up

At the Wisconsin CPA workshop last week, ACPA’s Director of Technical Services Eric Ferrebee presented on the role of EPDs in sustainability and jointing. He also provided an ACPA update to members before the workshop. Concrete Paving Association of MN’s Executive Director Matt Zeller also was on-hand to share Minnesota’s road research and history of the state’s pavements and to pay tribute to Wisconsin ACPA’s Vice President Kevin McMullen who plans to retire later this year. Other sessions ranged from FHWA and HTCP updates to LCCA, embodied carbon emissions as well as panel discussions on maintenance and rehab, and asset management.

Read the full agenda here.

Indiana Chapter – ACPA Holds its Annual Concrete Pavement Workshop and Awards

Larry Scofield, Pavement Innovation Engineer for ACPA and IGGA; Jim Mack, Market Development Director at CEMEX; and Dan Labo, Director of Engineering Services at the Concrete Paving Association of Minnesota each presented on a range of topics at the Indiana ACPA Chapter’s workshop last week. Scofield spoke on NGCS (Next Generation Concrete Surface) as well as urban heat island.

National Center for Transportation Infrastructure Durability and Life Extension Symposium

The theme of this year’s symposium, held earlier this week in Texas, was “Advancements in Transportation Infrastructure: Durability, Sustainability, and Resilience.” Larry Scofield, Pavement Innovation Engineer for ACPA and IGGA, presented on ensuring smooth bridge decks. In addition, CEMEX’s Market Development Director Jim Mack and National Concrete Pavement Technology Center Director Dr. Peter Taylor served as keynote panelists.

Read the full agenda here.