ACPA Exhibits at the National Association for County Engineers (NACE) in Palm Springs

ACPA and IGGA exhibited April 16-17 at NACE. The event was held in Palm Springs, CA and was attended by more than 700 people. Attendees from our concrete paving industry included ACPA’s Director of Pavement Innovation Larry Scofield, P.E.; Nick Davis, P.E., Director of the Concrete Pavement Preservation Partnership for ACPA and Director of Technical Services for IGGA; and Kelsey Carriere, the Director of Marketing for ACPA. Also in attendance were Charles Stuart, the Executive Director of the Southwest Chapter of ACPA; Greg Mulder, P.E., the Executive Director of the Iowa Concrete Paving Association; and Andy Loonan, the County Programs Director of the Iowa Concrete Pavement Association. A raffle was held, which allowed ACPA to collect contacts to further our promotional efforts.


(Figure 1)                                                        (Figure 2)

First Implementation of Narrow Filled Joint Sealant Installation

While attending the NACE conference in Palm Springs, CA, Larry Scofield, P.E., ACPA’s Director of Pavement Innovation, and Charles Stuart, the Executive Director of the Southwest Concrete Pavement Association, visited an ongoing construction project by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) located on I-10. This project is Caltrans’ first implementation of a narrow filled joint sealant installation. In addition to the narrow joint design, this project used ASTM Type IV sealant in a desert environment to fill the joint. “Fortunately, we are part of a collaborative team, led by the Caltrans Office of Concrete Pavements, who clearly see the ride-quality improvements and the cost-savings related to these thin, filled joints,” said Stuart. “We were told it was unbuildable, that it could not be done, but here we are today looking at thousands of miles of filled joints.” They also visited a 25-year-old bonded concrete overlay on an asphalt pavement parking lot that, despite being 25 years old, is still in good condition. The municipal parking lot clearly demonstrates the value and longevity of the bonded concrete overlay approach. Figure 1 showcases the sealant installation project, while Figure 2 has a photo of the parking area.

Concrete Pavement’s Role in a Sustainable, Resilient Future Wins Award

The ACPA marketing campaign, “Concrete Pavement’s Role in a Sustainable, Resilient Future,” won a platinum Hermes Creative Award in the category “Strategic Integrated Marketing Campaigns.” The campaign was executed in 2023 by ACPA’s marketing consultant AOE. Its foundation was the white paper, “Concrete Pavement’s Role in a Sustainable, Resilient Future,“ announced last year at World of Concrete. The launch captured more than 15 headlines across industry news channels. Follow-up coverage included a media interview between Roads & Bridges and Steve Friess, six trade press articles, and a video series. Check it out today.

A Message from ACPA’s Chairman, Ernie Peterson

Take a moment to watch this video of Ernie Peterson, ACPA’s Chairman and the Vice President of Sales for Ash Grove Cement, providing  an overview of ACPA’s 2024 Mid-year Meeting agenda. There will be workshops featuring expert perspectives on topics like Life Cycle Cost Analysis, sustainability and FHWA funding, alongside updates on ACPA’s Reduced Carbon Concrete Consortium (RC3) and more. There will also be opportunities to network with other ACPA members and see what ACPA is doing for the industry. Secure your accommodations through our exclusive room block and read the program of events here.

ACPA’s Eric Ferrebee, P.E., Presents on Concrete Roundabouts

The Missouri University of Science and Technology hosted the Annual Missouri Concrete Conference from April 23-24 in Rolla, MO. The conference regularly highlights new and emerging technologies such as AI and innovative curing research, as well as current efforts underway with the Missouri DOT. ACPA’s Senior Director of Technical Services Eric Ferrebee, P.E., delivered a presentation on the “Design and Construction of Concrete Roundabouts.” The Missouri/Kansas Chapter of ACPA helped plan and moderate the day and a half conference.

Larry Scofield, P.E., Speaks for Texas A&M Engineering Students

ACPA’s Director of Pavement Innovation Larry Scofield, P.E., guest lectured virtually at Texas A&M University on April 18. ACPA Board Member Dan Zollinger, PhD., of Texas A&M University, offers a guest lecture series format in his engineering classes. Scofield discussed “Developments and Practical Information About Pavement Texture and Friction.” Jim Mack, Director of Market Development of Cemex and ACPA member, was the previous guest lecturer.