With the generous contributions of a blue-ribbon panel of experts from industry, academia and the public sector, the American Concrete Pavement Association has officially released the final copy of “VISION2040: The Future of Concrete Pavement Imagined.”

This publication describes how our product and industry are changing to adapt to and envelop new technologies. This 16-page, four-color publication includes sections that:

  • Describe the genesis and background of the VISION2040 project (including a listing of the people serving on the blue-ribbon panel that contributed ideas, information and guidance);
  • Provide a glimpse of the future of transportation;
  • Describe anticipated owner/agency needs;
  • Forecast what concrete pavement technology will look like as we move closer to the year 2040; and 
  • Explain how we’re shaping the future … and what great potential exists if we invest and collaborate effectively along the way.

This is a quick read (about 10-minutes) that provides these and other valuable insights.  VISION2040 is also a must-read resource for anyone with an interest in the future of the concrete pavement industry.

To read the “flipbook” version, please click on the right arrow in the graphic below.  To see a full-screen version, click on the gray circle marked “Fullscreen.”  If you’d like to save a copy to your computer, download a PDF by following this link.  

Interested in how the concrete pavement industry got its start … and what the first five decades of the American Concrete Pavement Association were like?  Step back in time with ACPA’s 50th Anniversary publication, “A Concrete Legacy.”  To view & download a PDF copy, please follow this link.