To provide further clarification on the March 12th Low-Carbon Transportation Materials (LCTM) grant announcement from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), FHWA held a follow-up briefing on April 4. As we have repeatedly noted, ACPA has been preparing itself for this announcement for months, recognizing it as an opportunity for agencies to engage in bold programmatic initiatives. Most of the recent briefing offered information RC3 had previously disseminated to DOTs, but it is encouraging that FHWA continues to promote and assist with the application process.

To continue to facilitate information on reduced carbon materials, the LCTM grant or EPDs, the RC3 will send regular updates to our growing distribution list and offer newsletter updates specifically designed for DOTs/agencies/other low-carbon transportation materials (LCTM) grant-eligible entities, contractors and cement industry partners. Sign up for RC3’s regular communication to stay informed by clicking here.


Tips for CONTRACTORS with questions about EPDs

  • To produce an EPD, a contractor may want to consider working with a sustainability consultant. ACPA has partnered with WAP Sustainability to provide discounted access to ACPA members to their EPD tool (called Theta EPD). The link to get started with WAP Sustainability is here:
  • ACPA is actively pursuing grant funding to help offset contractor costs for EPDs. Stay tuned.

For more information on EPD creation, please visit