ACPA is once again supporting the PCA Education Foundation’s Professors’ Workshop with presentations during the “con scheduled for July 23 through 27 at the PCA campus in Skokie, Ill.

Eric Ferrebee will be presenting an overview of concrete pavements, and also present and lead a discussion on, the concrete pavement thickness design platform co-developed by ACPA, PCA, and NRMCA, with support from the RCC Pavement Council.  Regarding PavementDesigner, this workshop is the latest in a series of more than two dozen seminars, workshops, and webinars that have provided solid training on the platform for more than 1,800 professionals.

Eric’s presentations at the Professors’ Workshop are part of a three-day pavement track that begins today (July 25) and runs through Friday.  The track is part of the full, five-day course, “Teaching Concrete Materials, Pavements, and Structures (Buildings & Bridges),” which is geared toward university faculty in engineering, architecture, and construction management programs, and is designed to provide tools and resources to teach the latest developments in concrete design, construction, and materials. The week-long event also includes networking opportunities to exchange ideas with professors from many universities.