The FHWA Long Term Infrastructure Performance (LTIP) team held a conference call Monday to develop the final plans for workshops aimed at updating the LTIP data analysis plan. 

The intent is to conduct workshops to focus national-level analysis of data collected through the Long-Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) program to address the most critical needs of highway agencies. 

These virtual workshops will be scheduled to address five targeted areas organized. 

  1. Improve design methodologies for new, reconstructed, and rehabilitated pavements. 
  2. Optimize selection of rehabilitation and maintenance strategy and timing. 
  3. Determine the effects of loading, climate, and materials on pavement performance and prediction.
  4. Determine the effects of design features on pavement performance.
  5. Comprehensive use of LTPP Findings (or data) to improve pavement (or asset) management practices.

During the meeting on Monday, volunteers for the five workshop breakout groups were identified, along with other potential volunteers.