ACPA is one of several organizations to review and comment on Greenroads’ 3.0, the latest version of the organization’s sustainability rating system.

Leif Wathne—with support from Angela Folkestad, Colorado/Wyoming Chapter; Hessam Azarijafari, MIT; and Brian Killingsworth, NRMCA—prepared comments on behalf of the concrete pavement industry.

The team commented there was good progress compared to the previous version, but commented, “We would rather include the idea of considering a regionally-specific system of weighting (categories of global sustainability impacts). “The main reason behind that is although there are multiple categories related to the global sustainability impacts (e.g. climate change), multiple components of these categories are to do with the local impacts that may not be pronounced and be expected to happen in the near future.”

The environmental impacts of construction materials are well addressed in Greenroads Version 3, but it is a fact that the role of pavements in the sustainability of the built environment go beyond their construction and materials production supply chain.” This point was first emphasized and underscored by the concrete pavement industry back in December 2011 when ACPA reviewed version 1.5 of the rating system.

The team advised that the albedo and PVI effect are the two main missing components. The team suggested that to address this the Greenroads rating system should, even if not asked to quantify, acknowledge the efforts of implementing a cool pavement solution or improving roughness and deflection.

“This rating system can promote the idea of thinking beyond the materials. We firmly believe that adding these components would not be more complicated than what is already requested for the EW-1 category and well aligned with the FHWA Sustainable Pavements Working Group’s roadmap as well.”

The Greenroads® Rating System is system used to measure and manage sustainability on transportation projects. The rating system and all Greenroads programs are administered by Greenroads International. ACPA’s involvement with Greenroads is aimed at ensuring equitable consideration and treatment of concrete pavements. For additional information, please contact Leif Wathne.