Editor’s Note:  ACPA announced earlier this year the approval of a $3.5 million cooperative agreement for airport pavement technology, including the formation of a Program Coordination Group (PCG).*  For additional information, please see related coverage by clicking here and here.


The first meeting of the Program Coordination Group for the Airport Pavement Technology Program was held digitally on December 7th, according to Dr. Peter Taylor, Director of the CP Tech Center. All of the PCG members were present along with Gary Mitchell, Harold Honey, and Dr. Peter Taylor acting as liaisons for ACPA, the FAA, and the CP Tech Center, respectively. “ACPA invested a lot effort into seeing this program materialize and we are excited to launch this cooperative research program. During our inaugural meeting we generated a lot of great discussion about applied research needs and the Group has identified some much needed research projects,” Gary Mitchell, ACPA Vice President of Airports and Pavement Technology stated.

Gary opened the meeting with a review of the history of the program and a description of the need to use available funds to address priority issues in concrete pavements for airfields.

A number of needs were raised and discussed, with input coming from all of the representatives until a list of 18 topics was recorded, Peter says. The group voted and determined the top priorities, which include:

  • Means and methods to conduct long-lasting, rapid airfield concrete pavement repairs;
  • Alternate Approaches to mitigating alkali silica reactivity; and
  • Tools to assist with mixture proportioning and evaluation

Other topics—including alternative strength acceptance criteria, rubber removal best practices, effects of diamond grinding on airfield pavement, limestone Portland cements and panel sizes—fell into a second tier of priorities.  The next step will be to identify technical panels for project oversight, allocate funds to the priority projects and  develop RFPs to solicit project research teams.


* In addition to a liaison from ACPA, the FAA (Office of Airports)., and the CP Tech Center, PCG members includes representatives from: the National Association of State Aviation Officials; American Association of Airport Executives; Airports Council International – North America; American Society of Civil Engineers,  Air Transportation Division; Airport Consultants Council; a Construction Contractor Member of ACPA; Boeing Aircraft Company; Department of Defense (U.S. Air Force and the FAA (Office of Airports)).