The Every Day Counts-6  concrete overlay subgroup met to discuss progress with the Targeted Overlay Pavement Solutions (TOPS). The meeting included a recap of the EDC Virtual Summit held in December.

The TOPS program had a breakout session and a virtual booth during the summit with presentations by John Adam of the CP Tech Center and Eric Prieve of CDOT. Currently they are getting feedback on the state of the practice from the various FHWA regions to determine how states are progressing with implementation of all the TOPS technologies.

The results will be used to determine interest among states, as well as to assess which ones are in development or have done pilot projects; which ones are analyzing initial projects; and which ones are in full implementation/institutionalized. Information gathered from this assessment will inform FHWA and guide implementation strategy. We look forward to learning more about implementation and the development of further resources for using all types of overlays, particularly concrete overlays.