ACPA (including a number of chapter state executives) participated in the 21st meeting of the FHWA’s Sustainable Pavements Technical Working Group yesterday.  The web-based meeting began with a welcome and call to order by Kurt Smith of APTech.*

Heather Dylla of FHWA welcomed participants and stated the meeting goals and objectives. The theme of yesterday’s meeting was, “Social Sustainability: The Next Frontier.”

Discussion topics included:

  • FHWA Program Areas – Heather Dylla, FHWA, and Kurt Smith, APTech.
  • What is the Social Component of Sustainability? – Milena Rangelov, FHWA.
  • Addressing Social Aspects of Sustainability – A facilitated discussion led by Dr. Tom Van Dam, NCE.*

The program also included three technical updates:

  • Cool Road Partnership – Kurt Shickman, Global Cool Cities Alliance.
  • Extension of NAPA EcoLabel Tool – Benjamin Ciavola, Trisight LLC.
  • Road Map on Greenhouse Gas Reduction – Rick Bohan, PCA.

FHWA Sustainability Updates

  • FHWA Pavement LCA Background Data Project – Amlan Mukherjee, Michigan Tech.
  • FHWA Sustainable Pavements Program – Prashant Ram, APTech.
  • ICE Tool Update – John Davies, FHWA.
  • Review of 2020 Pavement, Roadway, and Bridge LCA Symposium – John Harvey, UC-Davis.

FHWA is about to embark on phase 3 of this sustainable pavements program.  At the same time, FHWA is re-positioning much of their pavement program under the sustainable pavements umbrella, including: design, materials, quality assurance, construction, pavement management, pavement preservation/rehabilitation as well as resilience.  ACPA and the concrete pavement industry has been an active and vocal participant in the effort since its inception in 2010, and look forward to continuing to engage in a meaningful and impactful way moving forward.

* An ACPA member.