A new research project is intended to help ACPA, its members, and the concrete pavement industry become more productive, profitable, and competitive, according to researchers at The University of British Columbia.

A webinar hosted by the ACPA RT&I Committee earlier this month provided an overview of the research project. The webinar included a presentation by Dr. Omar Swei, along with a presentation on Real-Time Control of Curing by Dr. Dan Zollinger, P.E. Click here to view the presentation. (Dr. Zollinger’s presentation begins the program and Dr. Swei’s presentation begins at the 31:49 mark.)

Researchers say it has been shown that while producers can take proactive actions to improve their competitiveness, their productivity is also affected by the external operating environment.

The research is expected to yield two deliverables:

  1. An internal report for participating ACPA contractors that outlines the effects of resource utilization (i.e., labor, capital, material inputs) and project-specific characteristics (e.g., contract type, construction context) on their productivity and profitability. ACPA contractors can use these findings to enhance their own practice.
  2. A bulletin report for state DOTs highlighting the effects of industry support from the government (e.g., concrete paving market share) on the productivity of ACPA contractors.

As noted, the research is being conducted by The University of British Columbia, in partnership with the Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy at The Brookings Institution. Specific questions about this initiative should be directed to Prof. Omar Swei (oaswei@civil.ubc.ca). Click here to see more detailed information and here to join the research project.