ACPA participated in World of Concrete last week in Las Vegas, Nevada. World of Concrete is the commercial construction industry’s largest annual international event for concrete professionals, and this year’s event was the first large-scale event to occupy the brand new West Hall Expansion Project. At the show, ACPA once again partnered with the Portland Cement Association and the International Grinding and Grooving Association to showcase programs and services.

Additionally, ACPA held a press conference where both Jerry Voigt and Leif Wathne shared updates. Voigt provided a concrete pavement market update for 2021 where we expect roughly 2.3% growth in paving volumes over 2020 levels. He also shared his intent, after having been with ACPA for 33 years (16.5 years of which were as Chief Staff Executive), to step down as President and CEO on July 12th.

Wathne followed with some insights into current infrastructure investment discussions in Washington – including discussions around surface transportation reauthorization as well as additional stimulative infrastructure spending. While all of the various proposals currently being debated in Washington involve a significant increase in spending on roads and bridges, they also include an increased focus on climate resilience and ‘doing things better’. For example, President Biden’s Build Back Better infrastructure plan pledges to “modernize 20,000 miles of highways, roads, and main streets’, not only “fixing them first” but “fixing them RIGHT”. From the concrete pavement industry’s perspective, this means we have an opportunity to apply innovation and sound stewardship to challenge current norms! “Only by leveraging innovation in the engineering and construction sectors – in other words, designing for the long haul and with resilience in mind – will we be able to tackle the formidable challenges that lie ahead.  Setting clear goals and long-term expectations for our roadway infrastructure and then leveraging competition between paving industries to push value, quality and innovation forward will allow us to meet the mobility and resource challenges of the 21st century” Wathne said at the press conference. “ACPA can assure you that our concrete pavement industry stands ready to deliver on the promise of both “building back better” and fixing our roadway infrastructure ‘right’”, he added.

For 2022, the World of Concrete will resume the normal January time frame. The 2022 event is scheduled for January 17-20, 2022 in Las Vegas.