ACPA recently participated in an FHWA Peer Exchange on the design, construction, and failure mechanisms of pavement foundations. The two-day virtual peer exchange included 15 state Departments of Transportation, the Federal Highway Administration, representatives of the concrete and asphalt industries, and was hosted by Applied Pavement Technology (an ACPA member).

Tom Yu of FHWA kicked off the Peer Exchange by discussing some of the challenges of achieving high quality, durable, and resilient pavement foundations that could last beyond the life of the pavement surface. One of the main issues discussed was that the benefits of pavement foundations are not well accounted for in modern pavement design programs.

Each of the 15 participating states gave an update on their current foundation practices and the challenges they face. Dan King of the Iowa Concrete Paving Association and Eric Ferrebee, ACPA’s Director of Technical Services, represented the concrete pavement industry. Mr. Ferrebee provided the concrete pavement industry’s perspectives and goals for the future of foundation design for concrete pavements.