October 2021 marks the twentieth anniversary of the first two “modern” precast concrete pavement projects constructed in the U.S. The first project was the Tappan Zee Toll Plaza (Tarrytown, NY) rehabilitation using a newly developed precast concrete pavement (PCP) system. The second project was a demonstration project (Georgetown, TX) incorporating prestressed precast concrete pavement (PPCP). It is with pleasure that ACPA recognizes these two projects as historically significant developments in the concrete pavement community.
Since 2001, PCP technology has been successfully implemented by several highway agencies nationwide. PCP technology is used for rapid rehabilitation of heavy pavements, typically during short nighttime work windows. These techniques bring the durability of concrete pavement to projects with tightly constrained timetables.

The information above is from a Tech Brief that is forthcoming from the American Concrete Institute (ACI) to celebrate the event. The ACPA would also like to recognize Dr. Shiraz Tayabji, P.E. a long-time industry expert who has been a champion of the precast concrete pavement approach.