This week, the National Concrete Pavement Technology Center released the 4th Edition of the Guide to Concrete Overlays. This critical resource serves as the starting point for overlay projects all across the country. The updated version of the guide features the most up-to-date information, nomenclature, and lessons learned since the last guide was released in 2014. Concrete overlays regularly make up around 12% of the overall concrete pavement market, and this new guide will help the concrete industry ensure that they are an easily accessible technology for all agencies.


Hailing its arrival, ACPA’s Executive Vice President, Leif Wathne, said, “the overlay guide is an outstanding resource for our agency partners, and will be invaluable to our efforts moving concrete overlays further towards becoming standard practice across the U.S.” The guide is disseminated under the sponsorship of the U.S. Department of Transportation, and exists to guide the public in conjunction with Guide Specifications for Concrete Overlays (2016), Guide for the Development of Concrete Overlay Construction Documents (2018), Concrete Pavement Preservation Guide (new edition forthcoming), and History of Concrete Overlays in the United States (new edition forthcoming).


The CP Tech Center expresses its gratitude to all those who contributed to this latest edition and hopes this highly useable product will inform quality concrete overlay construction nationwide. Read the full guide here, and access the rest of CP Tech Center’s numerous resources on concrete overlays here.