The Concrete Management Program at South Dakota State University is in the midst of its first full semester. This year, there are eight students in the major that are preparing to be leaders in the concrete industry through experiential education and coursework. This semester, students have been able to visit several industry sites including ready-mix plants, an aggregate plant, a cement terminal, and the NRMCA industry conference. The coursework for this program is unique and includes innovative classes to help address a continually evolving industry.

ACPA also has a tie to these students! The Concrete Pavement Association of Minnesota (CPAM), an ACPA-affiliated Chapter,  hosted the students on a paving train on the South Dakota/Minnesota border. Matt Zeller and Dan Labo of CPAM gave the students hands-on experience at the batch plant, placing operations, and at the on-site quality control lab.

More information on the program can be found on the SDSU website, as well as the last edition of ACPA’s Concrete Pavement Process magazine.