ACPA’s Airport Pavement Design and Construction Workshop this week provided training on best practices used in the design, construction, and rehabilitation of airport concrete pavements.  Led by Gary Mitchell, the workshop program included technical presentations by subject matter experts with practical experience in a wide range of topic areas. 

Gary and other experts from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s Transportation System Center, the headquarters office of the FAA, and companies with direct involvement and vast experience in FAA and USACE projects led discussions and provided a wealth of information about FAA and military concrete pavement specifications.   One of the hallmarks of the annual training is the opportunities throughout the program to present questions and exchange information about current best practices in design and construction topics. 

Discussions and Q&A periods are candid, robust and aimed at improving awareness, interpreting differences, and applying practical information to FAA and military pavement projects.  The workshop this year included 65 participants, including owners’ representatives/engineers, contractor personnel, and others with an interest in concrete pavement design, construction, and rehabilitation for airport applications. 

Photo:  Dr. Craig Rutland, Pavement Subject Matter Expert with the Air Force Civil Engineering Center, describes why strict requirements for high quality and durable pavements are vitally important to US Air Force.